NO - Gas Sensors

itg offers a comprehensive range of fuel cell sensors to measure NO.

Strong signal levels combined with low zero current allows resolution to 10 parts per billion (ppb) whilst giving linear outputs up to high ppm concentrations.

Industrial, Safety

itg’s sensors are used in portable or fixed gas detectors that are used in urban air monitoring and stack gas analysers. The sensors have a fast response time and very low interference to H2S. Filters for NO2 and SO2 are available on request. Sensors I-23 and I-26 are optimized for the measurement of very dry gases, e.g. in water-analysis applications. Sensor I-25 and I-27 come with a very high output and allow measurements in the low ppb range.

Automotive Sensors

Our automotive NO sensors are designed and optimised in their performance for the use in exhaust gas analysers, particularly for the reliable and fast measurement of low gas concentrations in vehicle exhaust emissions. They meet all BAR '02 requirements.

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