O2 - Gas Sensors

itg offers various electrochemical sensors to measure the partial pressure of oxygen. We are the sole manufacturer that offers real lead free galvanic oxygen sensors that do not require external voltage.

Medical Sensors

Our medical oxygen sensors are optimised to be used under medical conditions according to the high quality and safety standards required in these applications. They are used in life supporting medical devices such as anesthesia machines, ventilators to monitor inspired and expired amounts of oxygen as well as in incubators.

Industrial Sensors

itg’s sensors are suitable for flue gas measuring instruments, portable or fixed gas detectors that are used in confined space entry or industrial hygiene. In addition, we offer a series of oxygen sensors for the ppm range to be used in process gas measurement.

Automotive Sensors

itg’s oxygen sensors are used in exhaust gas analyzers, particularly for the reliable and fast measurement of low gas concentrations in vehicle emissions.

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